Urban Myth trading is temporarliy suspended
due to the Coronavirus restrictions
We will update clients as the situation develops

We may exist in a world that is constantly changing, but many agencies are failing to evolve at the rate brands need. It’s not enough for an agency to just be creative, they need to understand the commercial pressures their clients are under, and be agile enough to help their client respond quickly to the market and changing consumer needs.

Urban Myth is a creative direction consultancy

We have re-imagined the creative process to make it work to your advantage. You need an service that can give you an outsider’s perspective, be honest with you and help you engage customers. But then you need someone who is a true extension of your team, at Urban Myth will only work with select key accounts, so you have our attention when you need it.

Inventive design - get noticed but be real

What does design mean to you? Is it about having something that’s aesthetically pleasing? Is it demonstrating that you’re up-to-date with the latest trends? Or is it about creating something that’s functional? Research indicates there is a strong link between companies that innovate and use design. Furthermore, the link exists between companies that invest in design and benefit from increased turnover.

Urban Myth designs for purpose

We’re not interested in creating something that’s ‘simply innovative’ or ‘super funky’. Our designs aren’t born from a need to win awards, gain international recognition or get a feature spot in Design Week. Unlike some agencies that focus on giving customers the ‘wow’ factor, our designs exist for one purpose - to work. We think laterally about design. It’s easy to make something look pretty, it’s much harder to make it fit for purpose and create something that can be used across the business in various guises. When we come up with a design concept, we’re inventing something that flows through the veins of your organisation and out via your sales team to embrace your customers.

Urban Myth offers something different

Our designers have over 30 years’ experience creating concepts that work. And it doesn’t matter what you need design for, because we have access to a talent pool that stretches from web to print, photography to illustration, branding to video. Whatever your starting point, the finish is always the same, functional design that’s built around its intended purpose…and yes, we make it look amazing too!